Benny Snell Jr: Why Should He Be Considered For The Most Prestigious Award In College Sports?


There has been a lot of talk of Benny Snell Jr. and the most prestigious award in college sports, the Heisman Trophy. Most of these conversations have taken place within “The Fanbase” Big Blue Nation, but I am hearing buzz from other fan bases as well. Of course it’s a lot of smack talk about Kentucky, but they always end with, “you guys do have the best running back”. (lol)

So why should Benny Snell jr. be considered for the Heisman Trophy? Maybe because it’s time for another running back to win the Heisman? Or could it be that he is only the 3rd player in SEC history to have at least 2,424 yards and 31 touchdowns, before his junior year. Maybe, because he led the SEC in rushing yards, attempts and touchdowns his Sophomore year. I know, I know, it’s the 884 yards he gained after contact, (his sophomore year), 7th most by a FBS running back. All of these stats are amazing and they go on and on, but one thing is for sure, Benny Snell Jr. has to have an incredible Junior year to get an invite to Playstation Theater with the rest of the Heisman candidates. (I believe BBN!!)

So what do you think? Why should Benny Bandit be considered for the Heisman?


Benny Snell Jr. is not in College Football 24/7 writer’s article by Chase Goodbread. (Ranking the top Heisman candidates for 2018)

Benny Snell is not in SB Nation’s article by Alex Kirshner, ( it’s Preseason Heisman Watch time. Meet 11 oddsmaker favorites)

Every college football article that I have read doesn’t have Benny Snell Jr. listed, or even a comment about the best running back in college. (WOW)

Only one thing to do Benny, show them what beast mode looks like.


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