Kentucky vs Bahamas National Team

Keldon Johnson kicks off the scoring with a jumper from the elbow. Richards and Washington score. Quickley splashes a 3 to put the Cats up 9-0. Four of the starting five have scored. Richards hits both free throws, Washington hits both free throws. Cats are now 13-0.

Richards has 8 points early and has shown a lot of energy. His return was much bigger than many believed.Cats up 19-11.Travis, Hagans, Montgomery, and Herro are in and they are now up 21-11.Tyler Herro shows off his mid range game with a sweet turn around jumper.

Montgomery with the flip back. Hagans gets two straight steals and shows he can be a bulldog on defense.

Half time score:

Kentucky: 42, Bahamas : 35

No one said these exhibition games were going to be easy. We are playing the Bahamian National Team after all.

The Bahamas took its first lead of the game at the 16:44 mark on a layup by Jerome Burrows to go up 44-43. Herro got the lead back on the following possession with a leaning layup.

After the game was tied 45-45, the Cats went on an 11-2 run. Richards is up to 18 points and Travis has grabbed nine rebounds.

Brad Calipari gets a 3 to bounce in and the crowd loved it. Tyler Herro follows it up with a huge dunk and this place went nuts.

Final Kentucky 85, Bahamas 61

A couple of players really shined in this game to me. First, Nick Richards was energetic most of the night raking up 19 points which isn’t a career high for him (against Fort Wayne he totaled 25 points and 15 rebounds) but, he was way more engaged in this first exhibition than he was during the majority of the season last year. Second play that shined was Tyler Herro. To be honest I thought Herro would be a deep threat used to stretch the defense and hit spot shots, he was WAY more than that. His mid-range shot looked super smooth and he was being very aggressive on the offensive end. His athleticism really showed out in this first game too. His 16 points and 2 steals really showed how active he was on both ends of the floor.

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