2019 C Kofi Cockburn to visit UK

Kofi Cockburn, 6’10” C of the upcoming freshman class has narrowed down his list of destinations to only four schools to visit, one of them being Kentucky. Cockburn has a long list of offers, and is a Senior at the prestigious basketball school, Oak Hill Academy, a school that produced talent like Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant, and former Wildcat Rajon Rondo. Kofi Cockburn is someone who could potentially make a big impact on an NCAA roster, his great strength and size are obvious, but what’s less obvious is his pretty shooting form, very nice in the 15 foot range, and his list of moves he can utilize in the post. He uses the pump fake well, he’s explosive around the basket and can breeze past seemingly adequate defenders. One thing Cockburn would need to improve is foot speed, but the fact that he has outstanding basket awareness and a great presence down low should make the foot speed an easy skill to improve. Especially under a coaching staff like Kentucky’s. The other three schools Cockburn has scheduled a visit for are UConn, Florida State, and Illinois. Illinois has made quite a few short lists for big time recruits this year, so it’ll be interesting to see where their recruiting class ranks when the dust settles. For more news on recruiting, be sure to follow ukfansallday.com on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and check the site daily.


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