UKFansAllDay’s Kentucky Football predictions 2018


Is Big Blue Nation ready for some football!? I know I sure am, I’m so excited for the 2018 football season to begin that I’m going to make a little post for you all giving you my thoughts on how the season is going to pan out and give you my predictions on each game as of right now. A lot of things can happen throughout the duration of the season, injuries, fatigue, quarterback drama (hopefully we don’t have any of that), etc. but with that being said here are my thoughts and views on the upcoming season.

First thing I wanted to address is that a lot of the media surrounding Kentucky football has brought up the question of Head Coach Mark Stoops should be on the hot seat? I really don’t think we can tell right now if he should be or should not be, heck he’s gotten us to two straight bowl games and has been heavily recruiting top notch talent along side Vince marrow, talent that we’re not really used to here at Kentucky. With that being said, if Stoops has another 6-6 or 7-5 record again this year I don’t see any chance of him being on the hot seat and quite frankly I think he’ll be here for several more years to come, however, if he struggles this year with the talent we have and only wins 4 or 5 games then you best believe the fan base will be scrutinizing him.

Secondly, the question comes up as who will be our starting quarterback. I’ve only got to see bits and pieces of Terry Wilson but I think he shows lots of potential. However, I think it all comes down to what stoops wants to do with the offense, does he want to have a run and gun type offense or does he want a quarterback who can stay in the pocket and can sling the ball down the field? I don’t think anyone truly knows the answer yet until they both get a chance to play against our first opponent: Central Michigan.

I saved the best for last, the main reason you might be reading this post, what do I think we will do this season and what will our record be when it’s all said and done. Well here is the list of our games this year and here are my predictions for each (subject to change):

Week 1: Central Michigan – W

Week 2: @ Florida – L

Week 3: Murray State – W

Week 4: Mississippi State – L

Week 5: South Carolina – W

Week 6: @ Texas A&M – L

Week 7: Vanderbilt – W

Week 8: @ Missouri – W

Week 9: Georgia – L

Week 10: @ Tennessee – W

Week 11: Middle Tennessee State – W

Week 12: @ Louisville – W

Overall I have Kentucky winning 8 games this year but there are a lot of games in this schedule that we definitely could lose. 8-4 might be a stretch but we can do it and the worst I think we will do is 6-6 with a potential loss @ Mizzou and @Louisville.

Daniel Meece from UKFAD also predicts a 8-4 season with the only losses coming against Mississippi State, Texas A&M, Georgia, and Louisville.

Jay Hazze from UKFAD has a bold prediction for the Kentucky Football team this year as he predicts a 10-2 record for the Wildcats with the only losses coming from Texas A&M and Georgia. That means with Jay’s prediction UK will finally break the streak against Florida this year!

Melissa Head from UKFAD has also predicted Kentucky winning a very respectable eight games this year and going 8-4 with the losses coming from Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, and Middle Tennessee State University.

Byron Keith Neblett from UKFAD has Kentucky winning seven out of their twelve games this year and earning a respectable 7-5 overall record with the five losses coming from Florida, Texas A&M, Missouri, Tennessee, and Georgia.

Noah Mobley from UKFAD has Kentucky going 7-5 throughout the regular season and he’s positive that this is the year that Stoops will break out and win his first bowl game at Kentucky. Noah has the five losses for Kentucky coming from Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Louisville, and either Mississippi State or South Carolina.

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