UK Announces Changes to the Football Gameday Experience

Saturday’s are changing at Kroger field. A few of the changes are going to be something interesting to watch out for. I have outlined my favorite changes here so that you don’t have to do all the work.

  • Help pick pregame music – Fans will be able to choose songs to play during pregame at Kroger Field from a pre-selected arrangement. Fans can download the RockBot app and pick songs, which will then appear on the video board along with a “coming up” section. – This one is going to be a big one in my opinion. For years we have heard complaints about the music inside the stadium. Now, we all have the chance to influence what we hear!!!!
  • Tailgate Guys – UK Athletics has teamed up with Tailgate Guys, the leader in game day hospitality services nationwide, to offer UK fans turnkey, hassle-free tailgating for home football games. All tailgates are located steps away from Kroger Field and offer a variety of package offerings to accommodate groups ranging from 10 to 200-plus. For more information or to reserve your tailgate now visit tailgateguys.comI have went ahead and looked into this a little and it’s not just pricey but very pricey. For a tailgate with 50 people it would cost $875. Oh and that doesn’t include food!!!! The members of BBN with deep pockets will love this option though because you don’t have to worry about the clean up after the festivities are over.
  • Kroger Tailgating Experience – Kroger will also host a VIP tailgate event before each home game in the lawn next to Bluegrass Technical and Community College. Kroger customers who spend more than $35 the week prior to the game will be invited to the free Kroger Tailgating Experience featuring food and beverage. Free admission prints automatically on receipt at checkout. – This enhancement of the Kroger Tailgating Experience is my favorite change that has been made. Last year my crew went to the Kroger tailgating tent before each game and we loved it. My son would play the ladder golf game that was provided for two hours before the game, I would scarf down as much free food and beverages as possible, and my friend would dominate in corn hole until it was close to game time! Now, they have lowered the amount to get in to just $35 and your entry automatically prints on your receipt. I hope that y’all take advantage of this offer because it’s definitely worth it!f

Regardless of changes, I am SO ready for this season to finally kickoff. I hope that you all will continue to use ukfansallday as your source for all of Kentucky Athletics news.


  1. Which Kroger’s participate in the tailgating experience ?

    How many days ahead of the game do you need to shop to qualify for entry into Kroger Tailgating Experience?


  2. Well apparently you have to buy certain items, though I have never seen the list???? And sadly, the music in not what the older folks cares to hear, can we get more country, I can live with that!


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