Kentucky Baseball: New Facilities Are a Grand Slam For Bat Cats

Almost two years ago, the University of Kentucky announced plans to build new Kentucky Baseball facility. The time has come to take the field of this amazing new Baseball facility. And new location I might add, as Coach Nick Mingione pointed out.


Athletic Director, Mitch Barnhart says the new Kentucky Baseball facilities are top 5 in the country, and some of the Bat Cats themselves have said the new facilities are “the best” they have ever seen. From what I have seen of the new facilities, unreal! (WOWZERS)

The Kentucky Baseball team got to see their new facilities, (home) and were amazed at what they saw. Fifty million in construction was a great investment for the Kentucky Baseball team. Welcome home Bat Cats!!! Only thing left to do now, in the words of Little Leaguer Alfred (Big Al) Delia, “Hit Dingers”. Lets Go Big Blue!

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