31 years in the waiting. The Cats venture to the Swamp to write a new tale!!

Its that time of year again in the Bluegrass, and a trip to the Swamp is on the rise for the 2018 Kentucky Wildcats football team.

That means by Saturday the word streak will be ingrained in our heads for the rest of eternity, 31 years which was about 11315 days ago. That’s the last time the Wildcats of Kentucky took down the mighty Swamp creatures from the sunshine state.

Many Kentucky teams have come oh so close to conquering the streak. But the Gators have been elusive and hard to tame. Meanwhile other teams have been locked up by the jaws of death in the swamp and been beaten to a pulp.When Mark Stoops took this job he knew that one of his duties was to restore and get rid of a lot of curses and streaks of the Kentucky football past. He has overcome some of those hurdles, but this is one hurdle he has yet to conquer.

Florida comes into this match up 1-0 with a 53-6 thrashing over Charleston Southern. As for the Cats in week 1 against Central Michigan its wasn’t that simple. Turnovers from the offense really put the cats and their defense in a tight spot early in the game and heading in to the second half. But at the end of the day the defense clamped down and the Cats run game was able to carry the load and propel the Cats to a nice 35-20 win over the game Chippewas.

Keys to getting out of the Swamp alive:

1. Protect the football like your life is on the line. LIMIT TURNOVERS

2.Consistent QB play from Hoak and Wilson

3.Bring the fight to the Gators, Come out swinging like a heavy weight

4.Control the tempo and value the clock. Time of Possession will be big in this one

Dan Mullen is in his 1st year on the Job in Gainesville. He brings a big time Offensive mind to a program that has been lacking in that category the last few seasons. We all know Mullen from his days with Mississippi State, where he coached guys like Dak Prescott and Nick Fitzgerald. Feleipe Franks is the starter for the Gators and a guy that is a work in progress for Mullen and his crew. So it will be huge  for the Kentucky defense to come at him early and often in this one and try and get him rattled and shook. This tough Kentucky D is more than capable of doing that with guys like Josh Allen and Jordan Jones.

Key players for the CATS:

1.Terry Wilson and Gunnar Hoak

2.Benny and AJ”The Budding”Rose

3.Jordan Jones and Josh Allen

4.Chris Westry

With all that being said. The Cats enter this one as 15 point dogs in Vegas, I think that might be a little stout. Yea were going into a road environment with 2 QBs who have never been in this situation. But my prediction for this one is, I think the Cats play tough and fight hard and bring the fight to the gators. I’m rolling with the boys in blue on the road in a offensive struggle. CATS-20 Gators-16!!!! DING DONG THE STREAK IS DEAD

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