Florida defensive back guarantees a win against Kentucky

Earlier today a Florida defensive back gave the Kentucky Wildcats some bulletin board material when he guaranteed a win over the Wildcats this upcoming Saturday in the swamp.

“It’s 31 straight wins, right?” Said nickelback, Chauncey Gardner-Johnson. “It’ll be 32 straight wins after Saturday.”

The over confident Florida Gators have forgotten that it’s never a good idea to give Benny Snell some bulletin board material to go out and perform beyond expectations. Also I know it’s never a good idea to give Josh Allen, Jordan Jones, or even Mike Edwards some “tackling fuel” as expressed by the water boy lol.

Three out of the last four years Kentucky has played right with the Gators and of course 4 years ago was when it went into triple overtime and it appeared that the play clock reached zero that should have won the game for the Wildcats right before the Gators made the game winning play to extend the streak.

From what I’ve heard about alligators is that they’re are ornery because they got all them teeth but no toothbrush – WaterBoy. All joking aside I hope these little comments that the Florida players are making light a fire under the Wildcats so that we can end this streak after 31 straight years!

Photo credited to: ASeaOfBlue.com


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