Rich Brooks throws shade at new FSU Head Coach

As some of you college football fans may know, Florida State University played Virginia Tech last night and both teams were ranked in the top 25 at 19th and 20th respectively. Over the past few years FSU has been a top school in the FBS and have had winning records year in and year out. However, last year FSU’s Head Coach Jimbo Fisher left FSU for Texas A&M.

During the off-season FSU hired Oregon’s for Head Coach of one year, Willie Taggert. Last night Virginia Tech hammered FSU 24-3 and after the game former UK Head Coach, Rich Brooks, has something to say on the situation.

I think what Brooks was trying to say is that the grass is not necessarily always greener on the other side, yes that FSU job may have looked like a dream job for Taggert but sometimes it’s not all it seems to be, but I did find it funny that Brooks was throwing a little bit of shade towards Taggert.

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