An encouraging stat heading into Kentucky/Florida

Saturday is getting closer and closer as the Cats get ready to take on Florida! The media and a lot of the fan base seem to be in agreement that Florida is the smart pick for the game. While I would have to agree that Florida should be the favorite, I believe Kentucky does have a fighting chance. I began to have a little more belief after finding an interesting stat as I scrolled through Twitter today.

CFB Film Room put out a metric shown above that highlights the missed tackle rate for each SEC team. As you can see, Kentucky is sitting pretty good at 5th in the SEC with a missed tackle rate of only 8.8%. Josh Allen and Kash Daniel are the top two tacklers in the SEC so this does not come as a surprise to me. This metric is encouraging because it shows Kentucky was doing a nice job of wrapping guys up and getting them to the ground last weekend. This will be important for the Cats this weekend to limit missed tackles and prevent Florida from getting any extra yardage.

Meanwhile, Florida was 13th in the SEC with a missed tackle rate of 18.9%. Tennessee is the only team who was worse in this statistic with a missed tackle rate of 20.3%. Benny Snell and AJ Rose are known for their power running which may point towards a good day for the two. One thing I must note is that Florida was facing the triple option. As we know, the triple option seems to throw a lot of defenses off. It will be interesting to see if that stat was a fluke or if Florida really does have some tackling issues.

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