Kentucky Ends The Streak!!!!

Finally our boys have left a game against Florida with a win! Benny Snell was a monster! He gained a total of 175 yards on 27 carries. Down the stretch it was up to him to end the game and grind it out and that is exactly what he did, only leaving Florida with 29 seconds to go 94 yards. Terry Wilson also had a great game throwing for 2 touchdowns and rushing for 105 yards and a touchdown! Lynn Bowden and David Bouvier both came down with great touchdown catches. Our offense was 9-12 on third down conversions and our defense limited Florida to just 7-13 on third down. Darius West cam up huge in the fourth quarter when he picked up his 1st interception of the season and 2nd of his career. Josh Allen was amazing and on the last play he forced a fumble that confused everyone and Kentucky picked it up and scored a touchdown.

Final Score: 27-16

As we move forward Kentucky has Murray State next weekend and then a big game against a very good Mississippi State team at Kroger Field. That game will be packed out and a win there will for sure get national attention! With Florida and Texas A&M both losing this week it’ll be interesting to see how many votes Kentucky gets for the top 25.

Kentucky moves to 2-0 and stay at the top of the SEC East. Florida moves to 1-1.

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