Halftime: Florida leads 10-7 over Kentucky

Two turnovers and a lot of penalties. That has been the story to this half. Kentucky got it going early with a beautiful pass from Terry Wilson to David Bouvier for a 29-yard score. Kentucky’s defense would hold inside the 10 to force a field goal to keep the Cats up 7-3. Florida would get a touchdown to go up 10-7. Then, the turnovers happened.

On the final two drives, Kentucky was moving the ball nicely when Terry Wilson would cough up the ball and throw an interception on back-to-back possessions. We all knew coming into the year Terry had a turnover problem. The score could easily be 17-10 or 21-10 if Terry could’ve held on to the ball. A good sign in all this is that the Cats have moved the ball nicely on the Gators, but the turnovers can’t be tolerated.

With all of that said, it could be a lot worse. Kentucky has two turnovers and a ton of penalty yards, yet the Cats are only down three. Terry and the offense will have the ball to start the second half and can take the lead back and gain momentum. This game is a long way from being over.

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  1. Glad to see you back this year. I have enjoyed your views and knowledge of the game. Looking forward to your comments rest of the year looks like it might be a great year for UK football.Keep up the good work- Go Wildcats

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