Kentucky Gets Snubbed from AP Top 25

After one of the biggest wins in program history and defeating #25 Florida you’d think that Kentucky Football would get a little respect. You would be dead wrong to think that. Kentucky did not get into the top 25 this week after going 2-0 and defeating a top 25 team. They did receive 19 votes to get in but there are 7 teams that received more votes that also didn’t make the cut.

Let’s look at a few of the teams ahead of us:

Michigan State (1-1) is ranked at 25 and lost last week to a previously unranked Arizona State. The Spartans take on Indiana this Saturday and are expected to come away with a win.

Utah (2-0) received 92 votes and has beat Weber St. and Northern Illinois, neither of them were ranked. This coming week they will take on #10 Washington, so, they will probably lose that one and hopefully we can jump them then.

Boston College (2-0) received 45 votes and has beat UMass and Holy Cross, both unranked. This Saturday they take on Wake Forrest which they lost to last year by 24.

Houston (2-0) received 32 votes and has beat Rice and Arizona, both unranked. They do have the top ranked player in the nation in Ed Oliver and just beat a decent team but, they have not beat a ranked team and don’t have one on their schedule! This week they will take on Texas Tech, if they win this, I can see them going undefeated and going on to a bowl game to take on their first good opponent. Shades of UCF if you ask me, but, UCF beat 3 ranked teams last year.

Colorado (2-0) received 25 votes and has beat Colorado State and Nebraska, neither of them were ranked. This coming Saturday they will face New Hampshire. This one is frustrating because they’ll probably win and all conventional wisdom would say that they’ll stay ahead of Kentucky next week too.

Iowa (2-0) received 23 votes and has beat Northern Illinois and Iowa State, both unranked. This Saturday they’ll face off against Northern Iowa which should be a win for the Hawkeyes. This presents the same situation as Colorado, unless Kentucky is super impressive in a win against Murray State, they’ll be stuck behind Iowa and Colorado in the rankings.

Mississippi State is our week 4 match-up and It’d be nice to go into that game in the top 25 to get more national exposure but unless a lot of teams lose that are ranked (18-25), I don’t see that happening.


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