Benny Snell mentioned in Heisman race talk

At the beginning of the college football season Kentucky’s star running back, Benny Snell, wasn’t getting much recognition when it came to the Heisman race talk. There were several lists of candidates that excluded Snell’s name being mentioned. However, there was a website earlier today called that had Benny Snell on their list of potential candidates for the Heisman award.

I mean it’s not coming from ESPN or any other reputable source but it’s at least nice to have other sources notice the hard work that Snell has been putting in and how he’s reaping the rewards of all that hard work out on the field. It’s still way too early to even think about the Heisman race but all of us in the Big Blue Nation believe wholeheartedly that Snell deserves to at least be in the conversation since he’s pushing towards becoming the all time leading rusher at the University of Kentucky. Only time will tell but we will continue this conversation later in the season, remember for all of your latest UK sports news and updates to follow us @UKfansallday on Twitter and Facebook!

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