Predictions for Murray State/Kentucky

Braden Nevius

This is the first time in 31 years that Kentucky will be playing a game after beating Florida. Thankfully, the opponent is not one that we couldn’t afford to have a post Florida hangover to. Terry Wilson and Benny Snell have a great first half and get pulled as the Cats will be in control at the half. The defense will hold Murray’s lackluster offense to three points and have another great day. 3-0 heading into a pivotal matchup against Mississippi State sure sounds good to me!

Prediction: Kentucky wins 56-3

Jay Hazze

“I was going to go with a score in the high 40’s, but I think Coach Stoops plays conservative for this game. Benny gets 120 rushing yards, then takes a seat to rest, aswell as a couple other starters. We might also get to see Danny Clark get some playing time in.”

Prediction: Kentucky wins 35-3

Janson Hoskins

“Kentucky wins in an easy one against Murray State. Benny Snell will get some carries the first half and AJ Rose will take over for him in the second half.”

Prediction: Kentucky wins 38-7

Melissa Head

Prediction: Kentucky wins 35-24

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