Lynn Bowden claps back at ESPN

Some of you may not have seen this but last Saturday as the Cats come off their 27-16 victory over the Florida Gators there were still people that didn’t believe the hype going on at Kentucky. That person was ESPN Analyst, Will Davis, in Davis’ Buy or Sell segment he wrote, “Don’t buy into the hype at Kentucky”.

Here is his full quote that Will Davis made:

“Don’t get carried away thinking that this 2018 Kentucky team is different because of one road win over an opponent who didn’t offer SEC-caliber resistance. Florida is a bad football team in its second game of a program overhaul under a brand new staff. Stoops has amply demonstrated that however much he’s raised the talent level — and therefore the bar for Kentucky’s A-game — he can’t get his team to play consistently enough week after week to be a factor in the SEC race. Stoops’ Wildcats will always be prone to weeks where poor weekday practices and gaffe-filled Saturdays prevail. The SEC East is weak, and some team may emerge from the division with a gaudy record yet be largely a fraud. If it looks like it might be the Cats, don’t buy the hype.”

One Wildcat, Lynn Bowden, took personal offense to this who expressed his feelings on the situation after the huge win over in state opponent Murray State 48-10. Bowden said, “you better believe it” and went on to talk about how this is a different Kentucky team then in years past mostly due to their maturity. Bowden has some room to talk since he was coming off his best career game here at Kentucky with 8 catches for 89 yards which is an average of 11.1 yards per catch.

This entire Kentucky team has been under scrutiny since the beginning of the season when the Chippewas star, Johnathan Ward, said he didn’t see anything too special in Kentucky RB, Benny Snell. Then you had Chauncey Gardner-Johnson from Florida guaranteeing a victory over the Wildcats, and we all saw how that worked out! We have got a lot of football left to play and we will know a little bit more about this 2018 team after the next two weeks after facing ranked Mississippi State and then South Carolina (both at home).

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