Benny Snell already getting some shade from Miss State

Benny Snell in an interview said that he’s really looking forward to the Mississippi State game this coming weekend at Kroger Field, Benny had this to say about the upcoming game, “I’m going to run on any team. This offense ain’t scared of nobody.”. However, there was a Mississippi State player who got a big laugh at that comment by Benny.

Kylin Hill, Mississippi State’s top running back, has expressed how he feels about Snell’s comments during that interview and had this reaction to the comment:

I know I keep on talking about bulletin board material week in and week out but I’m loving every bit of it. I love the opposing teams giving this Kentucky team the material it needs to help light a fire under them to go out there and play the best they can for 60 minutes. It hasn’t worked either time this season when the opposing teams have had not so nice comments about this Kentucky team, including Johnathan Ward’s comment from Central Michigan about Benny Snell and even Chauncey Gardner-Johnson guaranteeing a win over Kentucky.

Both have proved to not intimidate the Wildcats and have proved themselves three weeks straight and I don’t see why this week can’t be any different. Yes, Mississippi State has several really good running threats but I believe that ours is better and I believe that our defense is more than capable of stopping the Bulldogs’ run game.

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