Kentucky vs Mississippi State: The Making of Something Special


Next up for our Kentucky Wildcats, Mississippi State Bulldogs. Normally coming off of a win, you get back to practice, tune up the things that you need to, watch film on your next opponent………wash, rinse, repeat. Of course we all know that. But something about this Saturday is different.

Being Doubted:

Is it the doubters? Even in our own fan base people are still doubting, even a lot of Kentucky sports bloggers, (writers) are picking Mississippi State over Kentucky. There are very few national sports figures that are picking Kentucky to win. (Paul Finebaum of SEC Network, and George Schroeder of USA Today) are the only two I know of. Point being, the Kentucky Football players have a big chip on their shoulders because they are tired of being doubted and it is a contributing factor. (Fuel)

Smack Talk:

NOTE: Kylin Hill deleted that tweet not long after sending it out.

Kentucky is 3-0 and every team that the Wildcats have faced thus far has had someone on their team talking smack. Mississippi State is no different. The smack talk started earlier this week and continued throughout the week until Benny Snell Jr. said that he will be showing up in real life Saturday, once again to introduce himself to another team, contributing Factor. (Fuel)

Credit: Twitter

It is going to be a great game, the atmosphere will be electric, Sonny Collins will be there as an Honorary Captain, Benny’s mouthpiece will be spinning, Big Blue Nation cheering and yelling, Randall Cobb will be rooting for Benny to tie or break his record, and a shot for Kentucky to crack the top 25. This is a game of something special in the making and I am all in for my Wildcats to win. Go Big Blue!!

#packkrogerfield #BBN


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