#4 Kentucky vs. #2 Indiana Live Blog

It’s @JJ23Williams
UK 1-0 IU (3′)

@JJ23Williams with his eighth goal of the year. Jason Reyes teed him up for a strike from the top of the box and the junior smashed it into the back of the

Nearly a follow-up. Williams breaks in behind again and he finds Reyes in the box, but the freshman forward can’t get around the goalkeeper.
UK 1-0 IU (6′)

ElMedkhar attempts a curling effort and IU keeper Trey Muse makes the stop at full stretch. Hoosiers clear the ensuing corner.
UK 1-0 IU (16′)

@JJ23Williams ‘ third-minute strike is the difference between #4 Kentucky and #2 Indiana after 30 minutes at The Bell

Big chance for IU goes wide. The Hoosiers had two runners at the back post but they’re just late and it’s out for a corner after Facusse got just enough on it.
UK 1-0 IU (40′)

Good response at the other end for UK to earn a corner. It falls to Meinzer who has a go from distance, but it’s blocked.
UK 1-0 IU (42′)

#4 Kentucky takes a 1-0 lead into halftime against #2 Indiana at The Bell.

Electric atmosphere on display from BBN

Past the hour mark here at #TheBell.
Enrique Facusse has made three saves, while IU keeper Trey Muse has stopped two UK shots.
UK 1-0 IU

UK 1-0 IU (73′)
@TweetsbyAime forces an unbelivable save off the ElMedkhar service.

A bit of controlled end to end stuff at the moment. UK’s had another chance just miss of a corner, IU with a few dangerous forays forward.
UK 1-0 IU (80′)

Goal – Kentucky. It’s Jason Reyes! after @JJ23Williams’ free kick bounced off the cross bar.
#4 Kentucky leads #2 Indiana 2-0 in the 85th minute at The Bell.

Goal – Kentucy. 3-0 to Kentucky. @JJ23Williams with another brace against a top side. Tanner Hummel hit him a long ball.

3-0 to #4 Kentucky against #2 Indiana

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