Kentucky vs Alabama Live Blog

1′ – Alabama has the opening touch in the match and we’re underway from Tuscaloosa!


The Crimson Tide strike early to take a 1-0 lead off a goal kick through the middle.

23′ – GOAL ALABAMA – Alabama doubles its lead on a serve and finish inside the box off a foul.

2-0 lead for the Tide now.

27′ – GOAL ALABAMA – A rebound off a maylay in the box is tucked past the Kentucky backline and Alabama now has a 3-0 lead.


Samarzich finishes a corner that was batted down by Atkins for her first goal of the season. Well-weighted corner by Mills that was headed down by Atkins and finished by Samarzich.

3-1, Alabama


It’s a brace for Samarzich inside the first half, as she hammers home a corner kick from Mills and the Wildcats score twice to pull within one!

HALFTIME – Alabama 3, Kentucky 2

The Wildcats score two in the final three minutes of the half to pull within one at the break.

51′ – Kentucky very much on the front foot to start the second half, as Steiner and Mills are starting to take over this match.

3-2, Alabama

55′ – GOAL ALABAMA – Alabama takes the momentum back after a very disjointed few plays with lots of stoppages and finishes a ball in the box.

4-2, Alabama leads

GOAL KENTUCKY – GOLAZO, GRETCHEN! MILLS!! What a response, less than a minute later!

Goal of the season from 23 yards on a pummeling shot from distance. Unreal.

4-3, Alabama leads
55th minute

70′ – SAVE – Woodward – What a save by the freshman on a shot inside the six that keeps the Wildcats in it.

4-3, Alabama

72′ – CHANCE – Eva Mitchell gets in behind and the ball is played beautifully from Samarzich, but the shot is saved. Great chance at the equalizer there. Kentucky continues to push forward.

79′ – SAVE – Woodward – Payton keeps the Wildcats in the match again with a brilliant save 1v1 inside the six on the doorstep of goal.

FINAL – Alabama 4, Kentucky 3

A wild one tonight in Tuscaloosa. Wildcats fight from three goals down to make it tight to the end.

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