Changes coming to Rupp Arena, info for 2018-19 season for Game Days

An exciting transformation is coming to @Rupp_Arena. With that, there will be some changes to game day at Rupp this season. Please review before heading to a game this year.

Construction along the back of Rupp Arena, near the Jefferson Street bridge, will eliminate a majority of parking in the Manchester Street lot. This will cause a number of spaces in the High Street lot and the Langley Garage to now be utilized for game-day operations.

Due to reduced parking, fans are encouraged to use alternative game-day parking options:

🔵 Transit Center Parking Garage (150 E. Vine St.),
🔵 Helix Parking Garage (15-160 W. Main St.)
🔵 Courthouse Garage (105 Barr St.)
🔵 Victorian Square Parking Garage (350 W. Short St.)

Entry into Rupp will be impacted as the student & media entrances will be relocated to the High St. entrance for the 2018-19 season. Fans are encouraged to consider entering on the north side of Rupp Arena, facing the Lexington Center Shops and Triangle Park. PLEASE ARRIVE EARLY!
Rupp Arena will undergo significant game-day changes during the next phase of renovations, which were originally announced when Kentucky agreed to a new lease in December 2016.

Construction is currently underway for new club areas that are coming to Rupp Arena starting with the 2019-20 season. Upper-level chair-back seating will be installed in sections 211-217 and 228-234 through a project that will be completed next summer. This project is being undertaken in response to years of feedback from fans asking for more comfortable seating in the upper level. Season ticket locations will not be affected this season. A new seat selection process for all upper-level season ticket holders will occur prior to the 2019-2020 season. Additional information about the selection process will be communicated beginning in November.
The ongoing construction will impact parking and entryways into Rupp Arena this season. Fans are highly encouraged to review changes closely and arrive early to future games. Fans can review and monitor all game-day changes at

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