Big Blue Madness, Part Two: After The Madness

Big Blue Nation, what did you think of Big Blue Madness 2018? I thought Madness this year was pure, and all of our questions of who and what were answered.

The lady Cats came out first with a short signature Mathew Mitchell dance and then straight into a 3 point contest and a practice that went really quick. Drake was a no show, but Big Blue Nation was in the house 20,000 deep for a Kentucky Basketball practice, 3 point contest and a dunk contest. The recruits were walked out right before the Kentucky Men’s introductions and Rupp Arena erupted.

So who won the dance of the night for the Men? Immanuel Quickley hands down, but I thought Jonny David was a close second (lol). All the guys were really into it and did a tremendous job. I did think that Keldon Johnson coming out to a Shek Wes track was really awesome. What about the Lady Cats? Maci Morris without a doubt, I’m From the Country (Kentucky) and I Like It That Way, set the crowd off, but all of the Lady Cats were amazing so that’s a tough call.

Immanuel Quickley won the 3 point contest in a close battle with Tyler Herro and Jemarl Baker was right there with them. As far as the dunk contest goes……. I thought Keldon Johnson won, but one could argue that PJ Washington won, it was a close call, I think PJ won the Twitter count though.

Credit: Keyli Chisesi

From some of the 1948, 49, and 51 Champions coming out to shake the new Cats hands, to the videos that get the blood pumping for Kentucky Basketball fans; from Coach Cal’s speech to the new Cats getting welcomed to the family, it was a great 2018 Big Blue Madness. Only thing to do now is ball out, and the chase for 9 starts now!


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