The Battle For The Sec East

If you watched the Georgia/LSU game you’ll know that in this Conference no game is safe on Saturday’s in the Sec. LSU a 7.5 underdog put it on Georgia in Death Valley today.

How does this work into Kentucky’s favor, I’ll explain. with a loss today by Georgia it opens the door for the Kentucky/Georgia game on November 3rd to have huge implications. Kentucky is now 3rd place because Georgia and Florida played 1 more extra Conference game than we did because of Kentucky’s bye. We Control our own destiny with Georgia and Florida tied for first place in the Sec east. However Kentucky holds the tie-breaker over Florida with the Kentucky win in the swamp earlier in the year.

Florida took care of business today at Vanderbilt in a game that was chippy from start to finish. Now it’s a wild wild East, Who will win it? Kentucky is right now in thick of things. The win at Florida is looking bigger and bigger at the moment.

Can the Cats win the East? Can they take advantage of this? Only time will tell.



Photo Courtesy of Saturday down south.


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