Kentucky vs Duke: Could Be The Most Watched College Basketball Game All Year, Will Being The Late Game Change That?

Credit: WKYT

Kentucky and Duke fans have learned that they’ll be playing each other in the late game of the night in the Champions Classic. The match up between these two storied programs will take place at Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, November 6th, on ESPN at 9:30 p.m. ET, which really means 10 p.m. (Facts, lol).

I can’t help but think of really big numbers for the viewing of this game. It’s Kentucky and Duke for goodness sake. Not only that, but two teams with a lot of star power, and a YouTube sensation, Zion Williamson. So, what kind of impact will being the late game have on the ratings, If any?

Being who these two teams are, I don’t see any loss of ratings for this match-up. As a matter of fact, I think people will be taking vacation time, or simply going to work the next day tired just to see this game play out. This isn’t the game you want to miss, this could possibly be two of the Final Four teams this year. I think this game will be the most watched game of the whole year, and it’s in November.

Does being on ESPN or CBS have an impact on the viewing numbers? Twenty years ago, sure, now I think the viewing numbers are really close, and alot of cable television is getting in on big viewing numbers, especially during the NCAA tournament. During the regular season, CBS and ESPN rule.

Last year’s viewing of the Champions Classic in the Kentucky vs. Kansas late game was up 13% from the year before late game, which was Kansas vs. Duke. As you can see, the ratings have been fairly even, with the early game having the edge in viewership.

So, what do you think Big Blue Nation? Will you be taking a vacation day to stay up late to watch Kentucky vs. Duke? Or, are you just going to tough it out and go to work the following day a little tired? Whatever you decide, you DO NOT want to miss this game!



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