Blue/ White Scrimmage

EJ Montgomery opens up the game with a jumper.

Nick Richards and EJ Montgomery have four points apiece early at the first timeout of the game

EJ Montgomery is looking really good early in this #BlueWhite Game. Nice roll and slam to give him six points. Didn’t get a chance to see much of him in the Bahamas after a back injury. Can’t forget he was our highest-rated signee.

Blue- 15 White-12 11:52

That was a pretty lob and dunk from Quade Green to Nick Richards. Looks like they’ve done that once or twice before.

27-25 Blue team at the under-8 timeout. Nick Richards up to 10 points and seven boards to lead Blue. Tyler Herro with nine points for White.

Not that it matters who actually wins the #BlueWhite Game, but this is actually a really close, really competitive game. All knotted it up at 40 with 3:18 left in the first half. Keldon Johnson and Nick Richards lead all scorers with 12 apiece.

Entertaining first half at the #BlueWhite Game. White, led by Reid Travis’ 16 points and seven rebounds, leads Blue 52-51.

Blue – 51 ,White – 52 | Halftime

Lot of really good individual performances so far. Among them:

Travis: 16 points, 7 rebounds
Johnson: 15 points
Herro: 13 points
Richards: 12 points, 7 rebounds
Montgomery: 11 points
Quickley: 11 points
Green: 9 points, 5 assists
Hagans: 9 points, 4 assists

Gotta like the efficiency too. The two teams are shooting a combined 56.8 percent.

Blue- 64, White 58 16:57

Blue- 74, White 58 14:37

The vets are teaching the freshmen a few lessons here. 14-0 run for them. Travis is up to 23 points and nine rebounds. #BlueWhite

Blue- 79, White 65 11:52

The vets are teaching the freshmen a few lessons here. 14-0 run for them. Travis is up to 23 points and nine rebounds. #BlueWhite

The two teams are a combined 10 of 25 from behind the arc tonight. We would take 40 percent in the regular season. #BlueWhite

Wow, what a nice backdoor pass from Quade Green to PJ Washington for a nasty slam. PJ has 17 second-half points.

At the under-4 timeout, Blue leads 100-90 and 49-38 in the second half. Tyler Herro leads all scorers with 32 points, including four 3-pointers. #BlueWhite

Final Blue 104, White 96

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