AP Top 25 Basketball 2018-19

The first AP Top 25 for the 2018-19 Basketball season is officially out!

Kentucky is yet again in the top 3 in preseason rankings! Thanks to the return of PJ Washington, Nick Richards, and Quade Green, along with graduate transfer, Reid Travis and the No. 2 recruiting class in America. Kentucky is once again destined to make a deep run in March!

As usual a host of blue bloods make up the top 10 like Duke, Kansas, and UNC. SEC also has one other team in the Top 10 with Tennessee. Kentucky will play all of those teams… but you knew that.

The last time both Kentucky football and basketball were ranked in the Top 15 was January 3, 1978

Rank Team
1 Kansas
2 Kentucky
3 Gonzaga
4 Duke
5 Virginia
6 Tennessee
7 Nevada
8 North Carolina
9 Villanova
10 Michigan State
11 Auburn
12 Kansas State
13 West Virginia
14 Oregon
15 Virginia Tech
16 Syracuse
17 Florida State
18 Mississippi State
19 Michigan
20 TCU
22 Clemson
23 LSU
24 Purdue
25 Washington

Amongst the poll you have:

Big 12- 4





Big East-1

Big Ten-3

Pac 12-3

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