QB Situation Heading Into Missouri

As the Kentucky football team prepares for Missouri, the question around the program and team is do we have a QB Controversy. Head Coach Mark Stoops said at his call in show Monday night that we would see 3 options at QB, Wilson, Hoak, Clark, Yes that’s right Danny Clark might even see some action Saturday at Missouri.

One of the main questions entering Saturday’s game will Wilson get it together to improve on his 19 yards passing he had against Vanderbilt.  The wind was horrible and it effected his passing game, but if you look back at the Texas A&M and South Carolina games it wasn’t much better. The running game was the key to those games and we even lost at Texas A&M because of a 3rd down play in overtime that we decided to throw the ball instead of running Benny Snell Jr, like we’ve done year. You can only rely on Benny Snell for so much until you have to pass the ball, it’s got to get better if you’re gonna beat teams such as Georgia and Missouri because they’ll load the box and dare Wilson to throw the ball and which, he hasn’t shown he can do on a consistent basis. We will find out Saturday if things change in terms of him getting pulled out of the game if he starts to struggle and see Hoak a couple of series, only time will tell.

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