Kentucky vs. Georgia Pink Match

Brooke Morgan scores the first point of the match as she goes high off the block.

Big Blue Block! Kendyl Paris and Leah Edmond team up. It’s 6-3 Wildcats early.

Stumler with four kills to lead the way for the Cats. UK leads 15-10 at the media timeout in set one.

Stumler again! Georgia takes a timeout down 19-13.

Out of the timeout, UK goes right back to Stumler who smashes her sixth kill of the frame prompting Georgia to take its final timeout down 20-13.

Kentucky ends the set (25-18) the way it began it with a kill from Brooke Morgan. UK leads 1-0.

πŸ‡° – Stumler (6)
πŸ‡© – Curry (9)
πŸ‡§ – Paris (2)

Ace from Stumler. Block from Lilley and Morgan. Cats up 2-0 in the second.

Oh my. The defense from the Cats. Wow. Paris and Edmond with a block and the Cats are up 5-3 in the second.

That’s five blocks in the second set alone for the Cats. UK leads 11-9.

We have an ace from every suit in the deck in this frame.

Cats lead 15-11.

Kentucky getting it done with serving and defense. UK has five aces and six blocks with an 18-11 lead late in the second.

Count ’em six aces. Seven blocks. That’s how you dominate a set.

It’s 2-0 UK after the Wildcats took the second stanza by a 25-14 score.

Your leaders through two sets:

πŸ‡° – Stumler (8)
πŸ‡© – Curry (13)
πŸ‡§ – Morgan (5)

Back-and-forth we go. All tied at five in the third.Four in a row for the Cats. Timeout for the Dogs.

UK leads 10-6 in the third.Cats go back to Cooper and the defense gets it done again for a 12-6 lead. Georgia decides to take its final timeout trying to extend the match.

Avery Skinner gets in on the action with a kill. UK the first to 20 and leads by six.

Make that 1⃣2⃣ in a row for the Cats.

UK downs Georgia by a 3-0 score following a 25-17 win in the third frame.

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