Final: Kentucky Makes Miraculous Comeback to Defeat Missouri 15-14


With nine minutes remaining in fourth quarter, all hope seemed lost seemed lost for Mark Stoops and the Kentucky football team. Josh Allen and the second ranked defense in the SEC were able to keep the Cats in the game by not allowing Missouri to get a single first down in the second half. Kentucky got a much needed momentum boost when Lynn Bowden took a punt return back to the house to draw the Cats within five with plenty of time to make a comeback. The defense once again got a stop and gave Terry Wilson and the offense an opportunity to right every wrong they made throughout the game, and they did just that. Terry Wilson made the necessary throws to give the Cats a shot on 1st & Goal from the two-yard line with no time remaining. Kentucky took that opportunity and and went with it with a go-ahead TD from Terry Wilson to CJ Conrad. While the win was ugly, it is a win!

Don’t forget to follow @ukfansallday on all social media platforms! Go Cats!


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