Roberta Alison Fall Classic

The first round of doubles is now complete.

A. Tkachenko-Tulloch def. by No. 1 Stiteler-Kohoutova (USA), 6-3

First round of singles is happening now. The second round of singles will begin immediately following.

Tulloch wins in third round, headed to finals!

» No. 4 A. Tkachenko def. by Angyalosy (Clemson) (1-6, 6-3, 1-0 (10-2))
» Tulloch def. Kriscunas (Ole Miss) (7-5, 5-7, 1-0 (10-8))
» No. 4 Moorhead def. by Kuo (Air Force) (6-1, 6-1)

Singles first round

» No. 4 A. Tkachenko def. Barnickel (Air Force) (3-6, 7-5, 1-0, (10-4))
» Tulloch def. by No. 4 Fabrizi (Tulane) (7-6(2), 6-2)
» No. 4 Moorhead def. by Cantrell (KSU) (6-2, 6-2)

Singles second round

» No. 4 A. Tkachenko def. by Angalosy (Clemson) (1-6, 6-3, 1-0, (10-2))

We gathered 6 wins in the 2018 Roberta Alison Fall Classic. Now, our eyes are set on the Kentucky Invite.

The Kentucky women’s tennis team shook off last-minute rust in the 31st Roberta Alison Fall Classic in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, on Oct. 26 and 27, one week ahead of hosting the Kentucky Invite.

Three Wildcats coined the Kentucky lineup in the annual challenge hosted by Alabama. Sophomore McKenzie Moorhead, junior Anastasia Tkachenko and sophomore Brianna Tulloch tested the 22-team field in a series of three singles matches each and three doubles matches.

The three traveling Wildcats each competed as singles, while Tkachenko and Tulloch highlighted the doubles league. Kentucky earned a combined six wins, five singles matches and one doubles match.

Contrary to the initial suggested format, the Roberta Alison Fall Classic moved to an arrangement that featured 13 singles draws and six doubles draws, while each draw was accommodated with the best-grouped matches based on the strength of each player.

Traditional scoring was followed – 2 out of 3 sets, no advantage scoring, for the singles matches. Doubles flights used an eight-game pro set, no advantage scoring.

Kentucky was one of 22 teams littered in the lineup, including Air Force, Alabama, Clemson, DePaul, East Carolina, Indiana, Kansas, Kennesaw State, Lewis University, Memphis, Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Samford, South Alabama, South Florida, UAB, UT Martin, Tulane, Troy, Western Michigan and Wisconsin.

Included in the 22-team array, Tulane is one of four teams featured in the Kentucky Invite, contested at the Hilary J. Boone Tennis Center on Nov. 2-4. Along with Kentucky and Tulane, rounding out the foursome will be Oregon and Virginia Tech.

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