#2 Kentucky leads Southern Illinois 31-28 at Halftime

SIU 10, UK 5 | 1H, 15:26
We knew SIU was going to give us a fight tonight. The Salukis are doing exactly that. They’re 4 of 7 from the flboor.

Second foul on Travis at the 15:23 mark. He’ll have to head to the bench. Big test for the Cats.

SIU 15, UK 10 | 1H, 11:14
@IQ_GodSon leads the Cats with five points but it has been sloppy so far. UK has eight turnovers already.

SIU 17, UK 13 | 1H, 7:48
UK has just nine shots (10 less than SIU). The reason why? Turnovers. The Cats have 12 of them.

UK 19, SIU 19 | 1H, 6:05
Tie game. LET’S. GO.

UK 23, SIU 21 | 1H, 3:36
Keldon Johnson leads us with seven points but @iamnickrichards may be the story so far. He’s got 10 rebounds already.

Every bit the dogfight we thought it would be. We know we can play much better — and we’ll have to if we want to get our first win.

Halftime Kentucky 31, SIU 28

Stat leaders:

@IQ_GodSon – 7 pts.
Keldon Johnson – 7 pts.
@iamnickrichards – 6 pts., 12 rebounds

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