Big Blue Nation: Fan To Fan, Let’s Talk

For a long time now I have watched fans leave games early when our teams were down. I have heard fans talk down on players, name calling even when our teams weren’t playing very well. Is that what we have become Big Blue Nation? Have we become the spoiled brat?

I understand that we are the most passionate fanbase on the planet, but it seems like that passion for cheering and backing our players and coaches has gone sideways because of some tough losses, and those players and coaches hear the negativity. Think that helps? I’ll answer for you, NO It Doesn’t.


Fans back their teams, win or lose, ups and downs, the fans are there to say, lets go, (BBN chant). That is what has always separated us from all the other fanbases, that is what has made us the greatest fanbase. The fact that we are everywhere and are loudly rooting for our teams has grown into turning the channel, leaving the game early, barely cheering in Rupp Arena when it’s a close one, or we are playing a lesser opponent. We all used to stand through the whole game, now we sit. (I still stand and still yell as loud as I can) I see the largely sitting and quiet fans everywhere. I watched fans pile out of Bankers Life Fieldhouse for the Champions Classic with 12 minutes left in the game because we were losing. ( I stayed and rooted until there was no time on the clock). That’s who Big Blue Nation is. For better or worse, BBN supports our sports teams.

Let’s get back to being the greatest, let’s get back to players saying BBN is amazing. Let’s get back to having the police called on us for cheering too loud. (LOL) We are Big Blue Nation, Let’s Go Big Blue!



  1. There’s no way I could stay for that game at Banker’s Life. I left with 15:52 still left in the 2nd half. Just as I left early (around 6 mins left in the 4th Q) at Neyland vs Tennessee. I am a die hard fan who typically stays til the bitter end, but when we flat out quit, then so do I. I can stomach it. I can’t feel like I want something more than they do. It happens, but that don’t mean I need to stay and watch us get annihilated. It’s like torture. Those are actually the only two games I’ve left early for in years. As a fan I think you can sense when the wheels are coming off though, and granted it doesn’t happen often, but I think that’s what made that whole week so hard as a fan base. You had two games where we weren’t even competitive, directly after the emotional high then low of the Georgia game, playing for and losing the SEC east championship. I am not a fan of fair-weather fans who are only cheering when we are good (although one would argue the more the merrier), but I can begrudge someone for not staying for a team who isn’t trying to compete. I was there (last person to leave commonwealth stadium) when we lost to Vandy 40-0 in the rain a few years back, and I’ll be there when we play our next bowl game. I went to Senior day because those guys deserved it, but to a moderate to fair weather fan after that Tennessee debacle I can’t say I don’t understand why they didn’t come to a noon game playing a smaller team. Some of my die-hard friends didn’t want to come or didn’t bother getting off work or getting babysitters because why put forth more effort to watch if you don’t know they will.

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