Kentucky sweeps Alabama

Big swing on the left from Stumler. That’s her second kill of the set and the Cats are even at five points each.

Two massive kills in a row now for Edmond, getting her to three in the set.

Cats trying to push the lead — it’s four right now — 11-7 in the first set.Cars hold the lead by five at the media timeout in the first set, 15-10. Thirteen of UK’s 15 points have come off kills while hitting .545 for the match so far.

Alabama asks for time following Lilley’s first kill of the match. She’s got 12 assists already to go along with a block and a dig. Cats lead 18-13 in the first set.

UK claims the first five points of the second set off kills from Edmond, who leads the match with eight, in addition to Morgan (4) and Stumler (6). Timeout Alabama.

Timeout from the Cats as Alabama goes on a 4-0 run to pull within three at 12-9.

Edmond pushes into double-digit kills, now with 12, while Curry also moves into double figures but in digs with 11.

A kill across the floor from Edmond for her 14th. Cats and Tide trading points to 18-18 in the second set.

Three kills in a row for Cooper as the Cats ride a 5-0 run to a four-point advantage and lead 22-18 in the second set!

Cats take a 2-0 lead after winning powering through the second set 25-19!

Edmond: 14 kills (.303), 6 digs
Cooper: 7 kills (.700), 2 blocks
Stumler: 7 kills, 4 digs, 1 block
Lilley: 27 assists, 8 digs, 1 block
Morgan: 4 kills, 3 blocks
Curry: 17 digs

Trading points again. Cats draw even at 11 in the third set with Edmond’s 17th kill but follow with an ace from Jewell to take the lead.

Crimson Tide goes on a 4-0 run and holds a 15-14 lead at the media timeout in the third set. Cats hitting .333 to Alabama’s .556 this set.

Bama takes three of the last four points to go up by two 21-19 in the third set.

UK surges to claim four of the last five points and take a one-point advantage at 23-22 in the third. Cooper, Stumler and Edmond all come up with kills to try and close it out.

Make that eight 20-win seasons in a row for the Cats and @UKCoachSkinner with the sweep of Alabama!

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