10 Kentucky defeats North Dakota

UK 57, UND 32 | 2H, 16:07
Bahamas Tyler Herro is in the building tonight. He’s got 14 points.

UK 64, UND 36 | 2H, 11:57
PJ Washington is looking good. Very good. He’s got 17 points on 7-of-10 shooting.

UK 74, UND 42 | 2H, 7:48
PJ Washington and Tyler Herro have found their stride tonight. They’ve got a combined 33 points on a combined 13 of 20 shooting. Helps with dunks like these.

This has been a much better game than our last two. Let’s keep this up.

UK 88, UND 55 | 2H, 4:01
Have yourself a night, PJ Washington. A career-high 25 points on a career-high four 3-pointers. Plus seven boards.

Kentucky defeats North Dakota 96-58 and go 2-1.

Kentucky has now defeated a team from every state in the United States.

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