Did They Say 2 Star Player? No, I’m Sure They Said Half Man, Half Beast

Josh Allen is a defensive beast who is a concern for an opposing team’s offensive preparation for a game, ( He is a problem for an offense). I would love to hear a conversation today of the people who rated Josh Allen.

Half man, half beast Josh Allen spoke out loud and clear with his play on the field, It sounded like this, you don’t tell me my worth, I tell you my worth. The rest is history, literally. Sack after sack, after forced fumble, Josh Allen has permanently etched his name in the record books. Yes I am sure they said half man, half beast instead of 2 star player.


Leads the SEC in sacks, tackles for loss (18.5) and forced fumbles (5)

(28.5) Career sacks (Kentucky record) with (1) game left.

(14) Sacks this season (Kentucky record), with (1) game left.

(11) Career forced fumbles (Ties Danny Trevathan for Kentucky record) with one game left.

Team high (84) tackles.





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