Big Blue Nation: You Mad Bro

Let me start off by saying that it’s December, and that this Isn’t a post about telling fans how to act. This is simply a post to tell fans how not to act (lol). It is never ok to message players, family members of players, coaches, or family members of coaches. That makes you look really bad, and crazy (If that is you, you really need to do a self evaluation).


Criticism Isn’t a bad thing, fans do that, just be ready to receive the same criticism back on your critique. Everyone in Kentucky is a coach, but all of our styles are different, so one person would call a time-out with nine seconds left in a game, some wouldn’t, no one is wrong. We are all in this for the same outcome, winning.

Do we all agree that fans stand behind their team, no matter what, win or lose? If you answered no to this question, then maybe you should find a different team? Let me make this clear, It’s ok to be frustrated and have constructive criticism, but the negativity doesn’t help (#facts).

Last but not least, it’s December. Lets Go Big Blue!


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