Kentucky vs. Virginia Tech Belk Bowl Recap

What a game! Lynn Bowden ended his college career in a memorable fashion with a huge fourth quarter drive and a touchdown pass (yes, PASS!) to win the game!

Before the game even started the beef between the two teams began with Virginia Tech calling the Kentucky players and specifically Bowden some very unkind words. Bowden was not amused and fought back quite literally with a pregame punch to the face, he don’t take *crap* from nobody. It just so happened that this punch was outside the one hour window for officials to possible throw Bowden out of the game and it’s a good thing that was the case.

Kentucky’s defense was played well on the first drive but they had two costly penalties that allowed the Hokies to get into field goal range and they hit a 54 yard kick to take the early lead.

Kentucky answered with a long drive that ended with a Lynn Bowden run to the endzone!

Virginia Tech answered back with a beautiful touchdown pass and made it 10-7.

Kentucky struggled on the next drive going 3-and-out and all-world punter Max Duffy punted the ball away and then a the hardest legal hit I’ve seen in a very long time happened when Zach Johnson destroyed the returner.

Tech took advantage of the 3-and-out and went up two scores with another touchdown pass from Hendon Hooker.

After two sets of punts Kentucky used a first down 31 yard run by AJ Rose to set up a Chris Rodriguez touchdown run.

That score would stick and Kentucky got the ball first in the second half. Another big AJ Rose run allowed Kentucky to tie the game with a Ruffolo kick. Virginia Tech was not amused and drove the ball down the field and punched it into the endzone on a long run by a surging Deshawn McClease.

Bowden put the team on his back on the next drive and ran the ball 61 yards into the endzone.

Two VT field goals and two Kentucky turnovers set up a big 3-and-out by the Kentucky defense and Bowden had the ball with 8:25 left in the game. Kentucky milked the clock as they battled down the field converting two 4th down plays and then it happened. Lynn Bowden to Josh Ali for the go-ahead touchdown!

Kentucky ended the game with a scoop and score on Tech’s final drive and took home the trophy!

The aftermath of the game was pandamonium in BBN. For a bowl game that doesn’t really matter that much, this game felt like a big time conference match-up due to the trash talk and the fact that Bowden was playing in his last game. Stoops had a passionate post-game speech and this clip is NSFW.

Another great ending to a great season. Most fans thought that an 8 win season was possible and after Terry got hurt that seemed a little far fetched. Little did we all know that Bowden would take over the team and lead them to a 6-2 record and setting all kinds of records on his way to a historic season. The future is bright for our Wildcat football team with a great recruiting class and the fact that all of the freshman class got redshirted this year. The talent level at Kentucky has increased exponentially since Stoops took over and we are all seeing the fruits of that with repeated bowl games and multiple guys getting drafted to the league. Bowden is projected around the third round with some “experts” having him a lot higher. Logan Stenberg has a high draft profile and his work in the offseason will have him moving a little but for now most have him going in the third round. Calvin Taylor is expected to be in the 4th round range and Ahmad Wagner has the potential to go in the later rounds. I could see Kash Daniel, Blake Best, Mason Wolfe, TJ Carter, Phil Hoskins, and Jordan Griffin having an opportunity to make a preseason roster with a late pick or post-draft signing. We all wish our boys the best and thanks for another great season!

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