4 UK Players in the First Four Rounds?

Draftwire has four Wildcats in it’s latest mock draft which covers the first fours round of the upcoming NFL Draft. Josh Allen is a consensus top 3 pick and there are plenty of sources that believe the same thing that BBN believes, he’s a number 1 pick. Logic would tell you that the defensive player of the year should go before other defensive players, but, no one ever said that NFL owners used logic. Benny Snell and Derrick Baity are projected to go in the third round according to draft wire and if I know Benny like I think I do, he’ll make all the teams that passed him up regret it. I can’t wait to watch him play in the pros. Lonnie Johnson is projected to go in the fourth round but a lot of sources are seeing how his length could translate well to the NFL, wouldn’t be surprised to see him sneak into the second round. That leaves a few guys out like Bunchy Stallings, CJ Conrad (3rd-5th round projection from walterfootball.com), Darius West, and Mike Edwards (both 3rd-5th round projections from walterfootball.com). The NFL Scouting Combine is set for Feb. 26th – March 4th and the official invitee list is still under works. I expect to hear any day now that Kentucky has multiple players invited. Keep tuned and Go Big Blue!


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