Kentucky Basketball: A Trip Through the Rankings

The young Kentucky Wildcats started the season off at the number two spot in the AP college basketball rankings this year, It didn’t take long for the Cats to fall after a first game blowout loss, a loss that would be the worst loss in the John Calipari era. (A 34 point loss to Duke). From there the Cats would fall to 10th in the Rankings.

Kentucky would stay ranked 10th until week 5, that’s when they would move one spot up to number 9. After the Wildcats dropped a game to unranked Seton Hall, Kentucky would fall all the way to 19th in week 6 and would stay ranked 19th until the following week where the Cats moved up three spots to 16th.

The Cats kept climbing and in week 9 the Wildcats would move up to 13th, which would be short lived, the following week, (week 10) the Kentucky Wildcats would drop back down to 18th.

Week 11 the Cats would move back up to number 12, the following week moving up to 8th, then 7th, the Cats were fighting their way back and finally found their way back in the top 5, being ranked 5th in week 14.

Week 16, and 17 the Wildcats would be ranked 4th until this past weekend losing on the road to Tennessee by 19 points, two weeks previous to this loss, Kentucky beat #1 Tennessee, (at that time), by 17 points on Kentucky’s home court. Now week 18, the final week of regular season, Kentucky sits at number 6 with two games remaining this week.


(2, 10, 9, 19, 16, 13, 18, 12, 8, 7, 5, 4, 6)

Through 18 weeks of college basketball, Kentucky has been in 13 different spots in the top 25 AP Poll rankings. The Wildcats record is 24-5, and 13-3 in conference play. The Wildcats have recorded some big wins, and also some bad losses. After the loss to Tennessee this past weekend, (without Kentucky’s starting big man, Reid Travis) maybe Kentucky should have moved up in the polls like Coach John Calipari said in the Tennessee postgame interview? “Like some teams do”.

I like my team!

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