Mr. Kentucky Basketball: Dontaie Allen Added to Great List of Winners of the Award, that went on to Play at Kentucky

Mr. Kentucky Basketball is an award that honors the top high school senior in the state of Kentucky. This year’s winner just happens to be a Kentucky Wildcat commit, Dontaie Allen, even though he only played 13 games after being sidelined with a torn ACL, he was averaging 42.9 points and 14.2 rebounds per game, leading the state in both.

Dontaie Allen is also a Kentucky Wildcat commit for next year, 2019/2020 season. So, how many Mr. Kentucky Basketball winners have gone on to play at Kentucky? How many can you name, without a Google search? (I named eight).

(1. 1954 Vernon Hatton

(2. 1957 Billy Ray Lickert

(3. 1959 Pat Doyle

(4. 1961 Randy Embry

(5. 1966 Mike Casey

(6. 1971 Jimmy Dan Conner

(7. 1974 Jack Givens

(8. 1979 Dirk Minniefield

(9. 1982 Todd May

(10. 1983 Winston Bennett

(11. 1986 Rex Chapman

(12. 1987 John Pelphrey

(13. 1988 Richie Farmer

(14. 2001 Josh Carrier

(15. 2002 Brandon Stockton

(16. 2008 Darius Miller

(17. 2009 Jon Hood

(18. 2013 Dominique Hawkins

(19. Dontaie Allen

That’s a great list of players and It’s only fitting that the 2019 Mr. Kentucky Basketball winner, Dontaie Allen is the 19th player to win the award and will also be attending the University of Kentucky.

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