Momentum Cats

The Wildcats come into post season play with momentum and drive. The earlier part of the season proved to be challenging and there were tough losses.

Alabama met UK shot for shot in the Southeastern conference opener (Jan 5) where Alabama trailed by only a few points throughout the game, eventually winning by 2 points.

The Cats seemed to have redeemed themselves in the SEC tournament matchup. Alabama, number 10 in the SEC, trailed Kentucky by ten points most of the first half. Ending the half, Alabama pushed to see if they could narrow the lead to single digits. The second half began with the same story. However, the run was too strong with the combination of Travis and Herro, they outplayed Alabama in many ways. Herro led the team in scoring leading to the 77-55 win.

After Reid Travis was injured in the February 19th game against Missouri, the team had to rely on other key players. This allowed Travis to have enough time to rest his injury. It seems as though the injury has healed well and he is able to contribute to the team again.

Not only did the Cats win this game in the SEC, we also now have a commitment from Keion Brooks. Let’s hope this momentum continues to make this our 32nd SEC Tournament win.

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