Capturing our Hearts and Making us Laugh, March Madness Brings out all the Emotions from the Fans

It’s the most… wonderful time of.. the year, and yes I sang that first line, and to the outsiders of college basketball, no, It’s not December, It’s March, the most glorious time of the year, especially to Kentucky fans. (college basketball fans)

As teams are playing to win six games straight, to become National Champions of college basketball, there are great, and not so great things happening with the fans. Laughing, crying, dancing, flexing, staring contest with television cameras, some who capture our hearts and some that make great memes that make us laugh.

Let’s take a look back.

Last year Sister Jean captured a lot of hearts from every fanbase, how could you not root for Sister Jean.

Meme’d up, the crying Northwestern fan. The kid got meme’d up, even though every fan has felt his pain before, there were some pretty funny memes that came from this picture. #sorryNotsorry

The crying Piccolo player from Villanova. (Meme’d up)

Another crying fan that was meme’d up. I will say this, she didn’t miss a beat, and it wasn’t long after that, that her Villanova team restored her happiness.

So who or what will the cameras capture this year? Who will capture our hearts and who will be the next big meme? Let the Madness begin.

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