Rumor Report: PJ Washington???

From the very start of learning that PJ Washington had hurt his left foot sometime late in the SEC Tournament matchup with Tennessee, from what we’ve all been told. The questions have been, how, when, will he return?

Kentucky is moving on to the Sweet 16, having won two games while PJ Washington has sat out, and now with another week to heal, the question still remains, will PJ Washington play Friday against Houston?

The Rumors have been plentiful throughout BBN since PJ’s injury. A regular picture and a selfie showing PJ’s cast on the right and left foot, was a funny one, a lot of people weighed in on that one. (lol)

PJ is sitting out because he is a NBA lottery pick, who’s heard that one? There is more to PJ’s injury than Coach Calipari and the University of Kentucky is telling us, I’ve heard that from several people.

The rumor I heard today was that PJ kicked a wall after the SEC Tournament matchup with Tennessee and broke a couple of bones in his foot and would not be back the rest of season. Is this the real truth? Is this the reason it went from a boot to a hard cast and after two games PJ is still sitting? I can’t buy that until someone credible, like PJ himself or Coach Cal says that’s true.

Coach Cal has said that all the test have been negative for a fracture, and that PJ could possibly get the hard cast off this Tuesday or Wednesday. I gotta go with that.

We know one thing is for certain, the show goes on, with or without PJ Washington.

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