Trolling Season


One way to gain views is to talk trash about a team with a big following. Big Blue Nation knows this all to well.

What’s funny about this cartoon picture is, they put coach Cal in the picture (with his lifetime contract,lol) on the couch and not a player like they did with the rest of the players sitting out? Notice it’s two Kentucky schools and two North Carolina schools, and why do they have Zion eyeballing those chips like that? (lol), ok that’s a little funny.

No offense to UCF or Murray State, but were they supposed to still be playing? It is what it is. I do like Ja Morant’s comment, (have fun with the haters).

How do you feel about this BBN?

My Opinion:

It’s trolling, which I don’t mind. If you choose to click on these articles, that’s on you. Just know that’s the purpose of such articles and comments of a lot of Sports writers now days. Haters gonna hate, it’s how they gain views. #trollingseason

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