Bledsoe Brings Bucks to Quarterfinals to Play Boston

The Milwaukee Bucks have been pretty amazing all year and have one of the best players in the league right now with Giannis Antetokounmpo. Bledsoe has been great especially in the first round against the Pistons. Now, Bledsoe becomes the first Wildcat to move on in the playoffs and will see the Celtics next. Last night’s game was a great one from Antetokounmpo with 41 points and 9 rebounds. Bledsoe did his part by contributing 16 points and 5 assists making his series total 77 points and 21 assists. If they can keep getting production like they have from Bledsoe it will be hard to stop the Bucks going forward.

Tonight we have a foursome of games that are going to be fun to watch capping off with Jamal Murray and the Nuggets looking to break the series tie and the Blazers looking to bring Enes Kanter into the quarterfinals to join Bledsoe.

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