Into the Portal: A look a Kentucky Football’s Transfer Situation

The big news yesterday was that Gunnar Hoak has entered the Transfer Portal. This portal is the topic of many jokes and intrigue but it has become an easier way to track transfers and their eligibility terms. With that being said, I wanted to take a moment to look at the Kentucky Football transferees and if we could possibly see a grad transfer come in.


Gunnar Hoak (QB) – Immediate Eligibility

From what I’m hearing it looks like Ohio State is a strong possibility but it is early on in the process. There is a possibility that he comes back.

Sihiem King (RB) -Immediate Eligibility

There is not a lot of information available on King’s transfer. We have reached out to Sihiem and will update this whenever we have more information.

Tavin Richardson (WR) – Will Sit Out Next Year With 1 Year of Eligibility

Richardson has made his decision and will be continuing his career with Marshall.

The talented wide receiver from South Carolina saw his numbers dip in his second year from 27 catches for 371 yards to 13 catches for 114 yards. The focus on the running game was a big reason Richardson wanted to look elsewhere and he should find that at Marshall. Best of luck to you Tavin!

Kengera Daniel (DE) – Immediate Eligibility

The promising defensive lineman from North Carolina decided to jump in the portal and it looks like he may want to stay closer to home. He is showing interest in North Carolina, Washington, and Western Carolina.

Christopher Whittaker (DE) – Will Sit Out Next Year With 2 Years Eligibility

In early March we got the news that Whittaker, a Redshirt Sophomore had entered the transfer portal. Again, not much information on this one although he did have some high profile offers coming out of high school. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him go to a decent school and play!

There are more transfers but these are the 5 I could find any information at all on.

Possible Incoming Transfers

Alin Edouard (QB) from UTSA

Dual threat QB that would be available to play right away. Could backup Terry Wilson nicely.

Tobias Moss (CB) from South Alabama

I have no idea if Kentucky has reached out or if he is interested in coming to Kentucky. He is from Florida, a recruiting hotbed for the Wildcats. We could definitely use a corner with some in game experience!

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