Newest Football Commits

John Young

6’11” 280 Offensive Tackle – 4 Star
This guy is a great get for the Kentucky staff and it looks like he’s going to be a great recruiter as well. The Louisville native has been a top prospect for a while and he grew a Kentucky fan. He says that he’s 100% committed as well. He has decent burst off the line which goes well with his size and frame. Drives opponents well and should be a solid player during his college tenure.

Offers: Georgia, Auburn, Florida State, Louisville, Michigan, Ohio State, Oregon, Tennessee, and others.

Andru Phillips

5’11” 180 Cornerback – 3 Star
Phillips looks to be a solid spot filler with potential to develop into a top defensive back. He is very athletic and has great speed.

Offers: Louisville, West Virginia, Tennessee, Virginia Tech, and others.

Those two join Lamar Goods a 4 star Defensive Tackle from Connecticut. This is starting to look like it could be one of the greatest football classes ever and the success of last year is definitely a factor.

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