Two Game 7s Await

Jamal Murray went off! He scored 24 points and had 10 rebounds for his first postseason double-double. Too bad the duo of Lillard and McCollum was on fire and forced a game 7 back at Denver on Sunday. Enes Kanter was a rebounding machine last night and helped propel the Trail Blazers to the win. He had 14 boards and added 6 points as well.

The Raptors will be going back home for game 7 as well on Sunday due to a big night for the big three in Philly. Jodie Meeks got in the game and scored two points. Kentucky will have one player on each roster in the Conference Semifinals if the Raptors can clinch the series at home. The highest probability to win a ring this year remains to be Demarcus Cousins with the Warriors and Eric Bledsoe of the Bucks. Game 6 is tonight for the Rockets and Warriors and if game 7 is forced, it will be on a jam packed Sunday with the other two games mentioned above.

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