Kentucky vs South Carolina

Kentucky looks to redeem themselves this morning with a win over South Carolina. They came up short as South Carolina takes game 2 and clinches the series.

Kentucky starts us off with a run in the first for second day in a row. Ryan Johnson singles, Cam Hill gets a SAC bunt, Elliot Curtis does a groundout, and Coltyn Kessler lops a single to center field for a RBI, Kentucky 1, South Carolina 0. South Carolina gets two-run homer and the lead, South Carolina 2, Kentucky 1. Elliot Curtis with a two-run single to right field gives Kentucky back the lead, Kentucky 3, South Carolina 2. A home run, a two-strike, two out shot to left center field ties up the game. Two run homer for Wes Clarke gives the Gamecocks back the lead, South Carolina 5, Kentucky 3.  South Carolina gets 5 runs in the bottom of the 7th to extend their lead, South Carolina 10, Kentucky 3. South Carolina scores another run, South Carolina 11, Kentucky 3.

Final South Carolina 11, Kentucky 3

Kentucky looks to salvage the series and get a win on Mother’s Day as they close their SEC series with South Carolina at 11 a.m. ET on SEC Network

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