Kentucky vs #2 Vanderbilt

Kentucky closes out the regular season today finishing their series with Vanderbilt. Kentucky looks to salvage the series with a win to close out their season and Vanderbilt looks to sweep Kentucky. Vanderbilt defeats and sweeps Kentucky to close out the regular season.

Right out of the bat Vanderbilt scores as Austin Martin hits a home run to left center field. Vanderbilt 1, Kentucky 0. Harrison Ray hits a home run to left field. Vanderbilt 2, Kentucky 0.

Elliot Curtis reaches base on a fielder’s choice and Marshall Gei scores getting Kentucky on the board in the bottom of the 3rd. Vanderbilt 2, Kentucky 1.

Harrison Ray doubles down the left field line, Philip Clarke scores. Vanderbilt 3, Kentucky 1. Julian Infante reaches base on a Fielder’s choice, Stephan Scott scores. Vanderbilt 4, Kentucky 1.

Dalton Reed hits a home run to right center field and cuts the deficit to 2. Vanderbilt 4, Kentucky 2. Ryan Johnson singled to the left side, Alex Rodriguez scores. Vanderbilt 4, Kentucky 3.

Jaren Shelby reaches first base on a fielder’s choice, Cam Hill scores tying up the game in the bottom of the 7th. Vanderbilt 4, Kentucky 4.

JJ Bleday hits a home run to right field, Vanderbilt 5, Kentucky 4. Ethan Paul hit a home run down center field line. Vanderbilt 6, Kentucky 4. Stephan Scott singles to center field, Pat DeMarco scores. Vanderbilt 7, Kentucky 4.

Final 2 Vanderbilt 7, Kentucky 4

Kentucky finishes the season 26-29 and await the final score of the South Carolina/Miss St game to determine their postseason fate.

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